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  • Best Wishes for the Mid-Autumn Festival from Wenling BONA Valve Co. Ltd.【2015-09-26】


    Sept. 27th, 2015 is the Mid-Autumn Festival in China. It is said that the Moon will be the biggest this year. Here all the staffs from Wenling BONA Valve Co. Ltd wish you successful career and joyful life! 

    ----- Information Department of Wenling BONA Valve Co. Ltd

  • Mourning for the Aug. 12th Warehouse Explosions in North China's Tianjin City【2015-08-14】

    Chemicals at a container terminal exploded in Binhai New Area in Tianjin, China at 11:30 p.m. of Aug. 12th . Until 9 p.m. of Aug. 13th , the death toll had risen to 50, 17 of whom were firemen, and 701 had been hospitalized, including 70 critically injured, rescue headquarters said.

    Photo taken by the aircraft shows the exposition site on Aug. 13, 2015


    Photo taken at 11 a.m. by the aircraft shows the nearby area of the exposition site on Aug. 13, 2015. The area is almost in ruins, smoke enveloped.

    All the staffs in Wenling BONA Valve Co. Ltd  feel sad and sorry for the disaster. We are praying  for the people in Tianjing. Hope that the number of casualties reduces. Hope that the dead rest in peace!  Thank you so much for all the firemen and other people who are still rescuing on the explosion site. They are the best and are always the solid backing of us. We are hand in hand, heart to heart, and will survive from those difficulties soon.

  • Steam trap selection guide【2015-03-20】

    In order to eliminate the steam in the system of condensed water, air and other non condensable gas, at the same time does not leak steam, using steam trap is essential.

    There are currently no steam trap omnipotent, users should choose steam traps of different types according to the different situations of the steam. Steam traps should be installed to make the steam device and a system for realizing the optimum operation, while the hydrophobic valve itself should be reduced as much as possible maintenance. Therefore, with the good operation of steam equipment is an important factor to consider.

    Select trap should pay attention to the following points:

    For the steam space is large or frequent starting situation, must have the ability to fully eliminate air.

    The device rated capacity, it should have the ability to rapidly discharge the condensed water.

    The sensible heat needed by condensation water portion, a certain degree of water is necessary, at this time should be used below the drain valve drain saturation temperature.

    On some occasions the need of continuous discharge of condensed water, some other occasions where need intermittent discharge, and water temperature is also important.

    If there is water cone or corrosion may, is to use a special structure and materials.

  • Pneumatic valve has the advantages of ten unknown execution device【2015-03-20】

    , the pneumatic actuator all fastening pieces are made of stainless steel materials, long-term corrosion.

    2, the pneumatic actuator gas interface conforms to the NUMAR standard, can be directly installed NAMUR standard solenoid valve.

    3, the connection part accord with the standard of international new IS05211, DIN3337 (F03-F25) to make the product installation has interchangeability, universality.

    4, the combined pre load safety spring group, no matter in the assembly process or using the site, can install or increase or decrease the spring quantity is convenient and safe.

    5, gear rack type double piston symmetrical structure design, rapid action, stable, high precision, large output power, anti rotation direction can be obtained by changing the position of the piston assembly simple.

    6, the rack on the back of the composite bearing and piston guide ring and the output shaft with bearing to prevent the friction of metal on metal, and increase the lubrication, the low friction, long life.

    7, integrated design, double acting and all single acting actuator model, all have the same cylinder and end cover, very convenient installation or removal by spring spring to change the mode of action.

    High quality aluminum alloy cylinder block 8, extrusion processing, l special case of anodic oxidation + Teflon coated hard anodic oxidation by the precision machining of the inner hole and the external surface). The service life is longer, lower friction coefficient.

    9, multi functional position indicator lamp, scene visualization instruction, comply with VDI/VDE3845, NAMUR standard slot, can install and output all accessories, such as limit switch box, soap pneumatic positioners, position sensor f Pepperl + Fuchs, ring Schalke).

    10, the pneumatic actuator external side of two separate adjustment screw for actuator installed in the valve is more accurate and convenient, regulating valve opening and closing of valve position. For a full stroke adjustment is also in the two end covers a longer adjustment screw configuration.

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