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  • Wenling City Trade Promotion Association of the fourth council election Report【2016-03-26】

    January 24, 2016 Wenling City Trade Promotion Association of the first session of the fourth Membership Conference held in Wenling City five floor tower Hotel Internazionale Daxi room, elected by the Wenling City Trade Promotion Association of the fourth council. The meeting elected by secret ballot of the new president, executive vice president and Secretary general.

    Our general manager Mr. Chen Geng by election as Wenling City Trade Promotion Association executive vice president, Wenling Bona valve  Co., Ltd. was elected  executive vice president  unit.

  • BONA VALVE Got Three Awards in the Hundred Regiments PK 【2016-01-15】

    The Hundred Regiments PK is the foreign trade competition held by Alibaba.Through a month of training, communication and PK, it helps enterprises to enhance market competitiveness.

    The Hundred Regiments PK of Taizhou region was from Nov.30th , 2015 to Dec. 31th, 2015. During the China foreign trade season Hundred Regiments PK, BONA VALVE has got totally three awards-Pioneer Team, Trade Assurance Company, Pioneer Company. 

    Of all participating companies, the Trade Assurance Order of BONA VALVE are the most. 


    We are honored to get those awards. Thank you so much for the helps and supports from all of our customers,colleagues and team members during the PK!

  • WENLING BONA VALVE Holiday notice【2015-12-31】

    All customers:

     In 2016, new year's Day approaching, to let employees have a happy New Year's day, Wenling Bona valve Co., Ltd. decided to leave for three days. Now our holiday arrangements are notified as follows:

    2016 New Year's Day: January 1st to January 3rd, the three day of the holiday. January 4, 2016 (Monday) official work.

    I wish you a happy New Year's day, all the best!


    ——Information Department of Wenling BonaValve Co. Ltd

  • Wenling Bonavalve Co., Ltd congratulate PTC ASIA successfully closed【2015-10-30】

    Walking in the road of intelligent manufacturing.PTC ASIA full interpretation of energy efficiency, promote the development of 

    industrial integration. Here, Wenling Bonavalve Co., Ltd to express heartfelt congratulations. In this exhibition,Global industry 

    giants gathered, the interpretation of the development trend of intelligent manufacturing. Continue to improve the quality of the 

    audience, in a continuous line of trade negotiations.Professional exhibition and quality service for exhibitors applauded. Solenoid 

    valve industry has made a very good development. Hope in 2016, PTC ASIA led more industry with the times, pay close attention 

    to market demand, and promote China's economy booming.


    ——Information Department of Wenling BonaValve Co. Ltd

  • Bona steam solenoid valve will be upgraded with polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE)?【2015-10-30】

    Today is the thirdday of PTC Asia to carry out, Wenling Bonavalve Co., Ltd. focuses on WrightYuhe sealed show new high 

    properties of polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE)materials technology at the HANNOVER MESSE Technology (Shanghai) Co., Ltd..

    It is reportedthat the new Hallite Armorlene PTFE product portfolio is suitable for dynamicsealing applications, such as in the 

    hydraulic cylinder of the wearresistantparts, anti side load guide rings and low friction oriented ring. It isespecially suitable 

    for drying high temperature from -200 to 260 DEG C. (from328 to 500 degrees Fahrenheit degrees Fahrenheit) and ambient 

    pressure to 6000psi.

    So, we can use thenew high performance PTFE (PTFE) materials for our the high steam temperature solenoid valve to 

    upgrade it? Is the newmaterial of PTFE can give the solenoid valve manufacturers to bring the gospel?Therefore, WenlingBonavalve Co., Ltd. will always pay attention to the dynamics ofpolytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE) new material, 

    to produce a high-end solenoidvalve as the goal, continue to explore.


    ----- Information Department of Wenling BonaValve Co. Ltd

  • Wenling Bonavalve to ASIA PTC today 【2015-10-28】

    Yesterday morning, 

    the Asian international power transmission and Control Technology Exhibition (ASIA PTC) in Shanghai New International Expo 

    Center Grand opening. Wenling Bonavalve Co., Ltd once again to express my sincere congratulations. Response to the exhibition

     "China made 2025" strategic plan, to innovative research and technology products and technology "smart" set sail, together with 

    Shanghai international industrial parts and sub contractors, Asia International cold chain equipment and technology exhibition 

    and China International heavy machinery and equipment exhibition, together across the Shanghai New International Expo Center, 

    all 17 pavilions, to create a onestop industrial platform. Major events will also be held in the same period of exciting and innovative 

    activities, focusing on the forefront of the industry. Welcome new and old customers to participate actively.Finally, we wish the 

    solenoid valve industry has further development.

    ----- Information Department of Wenling BonaValve Co. Ltd

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Wenling Bona Valve Co., Ltd

Address: Nanquan Industrial Zone II, Wenling City, Taizhou,

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